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Germantown PARK


"Working with Premier Pool Management is a refreshing change for a challenging pool like ours. Unlike years past, dealing with other pool companies, our staff did not have to spend the summer monitoring the pool & could focus on our other responsibilities. The guard staff was exactly what we needed for a challenging pool like ours."

K. Smith - Community Manager



"Our members were happy with PPM service, their rapport with lifeguard and staff made the summer pleasant for us all! Through the entire season the pool was kept clean and our members felt safe in the water. All community rules and regulations were enforced throughout the season, everything thanks to great Premier Pool team."

N. Beirne - Manager of Operations



"Premier Pool Management makes every season a breeze, even with the pandemic, they delivered outstanding professionalism. I had a lot of questions that were answered honestly and with vast knowledge by the regional manager. Premier made sure we were up to code and passed inspections for a successful and timely opening. I highly recommend using Premier Pool Management."

A. Marafie - Onsite Manager




"As an operational manager of a 34 acre, 1062 units, over 4000 residents & a 150,000-gallon pool, my expectations are high. With attention to detail, efficient service, professional management & bilingual lifeguards Premier Pool Management delivered with excellence on everything. "

L. Smith - Assistant Property Manager

2020_09_19_L1D-20c_Premier Pool Manageme
2020_09_17_DC-G9_Premier Pool Management

Victory Promenade


"I had the best experience working with Premier Pool Management. The lifeguards did an amazing job ensuring that all community rules and regulations were enforced while the resident’s felt safe in the water. The entire season our pool was sparkling clean and our community was very happy with them.  Premier Pool is professional & provided us with the best summer which is why I will continue using them and highly recommend them."

T.Coville - Community Manager, Comsource

2020_09_17_DC-G9_Premier Pool Management



"We have a 150,000-gallon main pool and baby pool which is the largest in Queen Anne’s county and Premier managed it with great staff that our community loved. The high level of communication, attention to detail, and ultimate professionalism provided throughout the organization by Premier Pool Management is why I highly recommend them."

B. Morelli - CPOA President


"Premier Pool Management has shown exceptional expertise & professionalism. What sets Premier apart from other companies is their ability to personalize service to fit the specific needs of our community. We feel confident that any property using Premier Pool will be highly satisfied and receive exceptional customer service while enjoying a long-lasting business relationship. We look forward to working with Premier Pool Management in the future."

M. Hall - Property Manager

2020_09_16_L1D-20c_Premier Pool Manageme


"Premier Pool Management’s professional, friendly & expertly managed staff make them a wise investment for a great summer season. The staff worked through any issues we had expeditiously. Both the Regional Manager and Supervisor were very invested in helping us make this a great season with Premier.  Their lifeguards made our residents feel secure while keeping the pool sparkling clean every day. I highly recommend Premier Pool Management."

S. Cooper - Property Manager



"Premier Pool Management has provided outstanding service & consistent professionalism, making a positive & everlasting impact on our community. Premier is both active & pro-active with communication & resolving issues expeditiously. I am extremely happy with them. "

S.Hart - Property Manager


Rock Creek TERRACE

"Premier Pool is a highly dependable company with an enjoyable team to work with. The interactions between the staff & residents give a sense of comfort to our property. I would gladly recommend Premier Pool Management. "

R. Palmer - Community Manager

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