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As part of our turn-key pool management plan, Premier Pool Management analyzes the condition of your facility and works with you to pinpoint anticipated repairs and renovations. Our experts help you prepare and budget for any necessary modifications to avoid surprises.


Knowing our clients are our greatest asset we keep them well informed with real time information to make educated decisions regarding our products and services. With this in mind, supervisors conduct a minimum of three onsite visits weekly to include digital inspection reports that are automatically submitted to our clients. These customized reports evaluate the condition of the pool, water, chemicals, and filtration system while identifying any items in need of attention.


To maintain our high standards, our staff training does not stop at the point of hire, it continues throughout the season with onsite evaluation and performance management.


Our pool management service includes:

  •  Pre-season preparation and facility setup.

  •  A comprehensive evaluation of the facility.

  •  Major and minor repairs and renovations.

  •  Preparing for and passing all Health Department inspections.

  •  Assistance with electrical inspections and permits.

  •  Digital visit reports and assessments.

  •  Staff management, including lifeguards, pool managers, and certified pool operators.

  •  Staff performance assessment and training

  •  Automated delivery and administering of chemicals and supplies.

  •  Hourly cleaning and maintenance of the pool, deck, and facilities.

  •  Post-season winterization.

  •  Customer feedback survey program.

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